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Dr Karen Roberts, CEO, The Kemnal Academies Trust (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the funding landscape facing academies and the next steps in supporting financial sustainability
  • Exploring how academies can ensure effective resource management and efficiency whilst delivering high quality provision
  • Examining the role of trustees and senior leaders in supporting rigorous oversight and accountability of financial outcomes
  • Evaluating the latest guidance in developing long term financial planning and budgeting across a trust

Lord Agnew Kt DL, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System, Department for Education (DfE) (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the characteristics of trusts delivering outstanding financial outcomes
  • Examining the latest updates to the Academies Financial Handbook and how it should be used to support robust financial oversight and accountability
  • Analysing the next steps towards long term financial sustainability through successful three to five year forecasting
  • Assessing how to ensure high quality education provision through robust integrated curriculum and financial planning

  • Demonstration of how to use SIMS to give key financial and curriculum headline figures
  • Show how this can be used for schools or trusts
  • Brief discussion of some of the key questions when using the resources
  • Show where these resources may be obtained at no cost

John Christian, Customer Success Manager, Capita SIMS (CONFIRMED)

  • Driving value for money in procurement through the DfE’s new ‘buying for schools’ platform with DfE approved frameworks of goods and services purchases
  • Assessing the progress in saving £1 billion a year of non-staff spending by 2020 in line with the School’s Buying Strategy
  • Examining the development of Schools Buying Hubs and the next steps in aggregating costs and procurement deals across clusters and MATs
  • Exploring how academies can ensure value for money in the hiring of supply teachers and agency workers through DfE deals

Jenny Williams, Commercial Director, Department for Education (DfE) (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the national funding landscape, regional disparities in financial contexts and how school business managers can respond to local needs
  • Discussing what makes a successful school business manager and the next steps in driving professional development
  • Exploring how academies can build financial resilience and improve the skills and capacity of senior leaders to deliver outstanding financial management
  • Examining how trusts can identify skill deficiencies and ensure their operational structures support the deployment of talented financial leaders

Stephen Morales, Chief Executive, Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) (CONFIRMED)

Join senior financial leaders as they assess practical insights in supporting long term sustainability within the context of budget restraints

  • Explore strategies in managing cost pressures including costs associated with staffing, capital expenditure and high needs demand
  • Examine the next steps in driving financial sustainability and value for money outcomes across a trust through effective financial planning
  • Assess how to improve the link between successful financial outcomes and educational provision

Wendy Mason, Chief Financial Officer Laurus Trust (invited)
Brian Markham, Chief Operations and Finance Officer, Sigma Trust (invited)
Paul Atkinson, Chief Financial Officer, Trinitas Academy Trust (invited)

  • Harnessing effective financial planning and monitoring to identify trends towards an increasing deficit and implementing an appropriate recovery plan
  • Supporting collaboration between senior leaders and trust boards to develop an actionable cost reduction programme
  • Developing rigorous in year scrutiny and reporting of financial performance and spending
  • Sharing practical guidance which can support deficit recovery including salary reviews, rationalising procurement and reducing supply costs
  • Evaluating the characteristics of an effective deficit recovery plan

Maxine Adams, Chair, Leicestershire Academies Group and Chief Finance and Operations Director, Apollo Partnership Trust (CONFIRMED)

*Programme subject to change

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